Add Ginger To Your Diet For Gout

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The researches that have pointed to the benefits of having ginger to reduce the symptoms of gout and arthritis are plenty. The science behind what gives ginger the magical properties that it has is still being uncovered. We shall take a look at some of the beneficial properties of ginger that can help you win the fight against gout.

The Beneficial Properties Of Ginger

What makes ginger one of the foods good for gout? There are many in the list of benefits that make ginger the unique sell for gout treatment. Here are a few significant mentions:

  • There are lab studies that have shown that its ability to treat nausea and its anti-inflammatory properties are credited to the compounds – gingerols and shogaols. These are compounds are both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties help in the relief of pain and better pain management. Along with this, it also helps in the improvement of joint functions in people who have arthritis and gout attacks.
  • The compounds in ginger function as a COX-2 inhibitor which is similar to how arthritis and gout medication works towards pain relief.

Ways To Add Ginger To Your Diet

Here are some of the ways in which you can incorporate ginger into your diet:

Add-In Freshly Grated Ginger To Your Stir-Fries

This will give an aromatic flavor, and the spiciness of the ginger will roll off the tongue with other ingredients such as chili flakes and garlic. Avoid the use of corn, sunflower, soy, and peanut oil, all of which are known to increase inflammation. You may make use of olive oil or vegetable broth or even chicken broth.

Make Ginger Tea

All you need to do is to add in finely grated ginger around ½’’ to 1’’ thick and then allow them to brew with the tea to a boil. Ginger tea works its magic phenomenally well!

Grate Or Blend Fresh Ginger Root To Your Soups

You can make a piping hot creamy tomato or carrot soup, and add in some finely grated ginger to the mix. Even if you find the flavor of ginger to be strong, under the cloak of a creamy soup the intense flavors are masked.

Look For Ginger When You Are Ordering Out

Ginger is one of the staple ingredients in Asian cuisine. Look for it when you are looking for take-out dishes such as Ginger Chicken or Ginger Stir-fry.

Incorporate ginger into your plate and watch as it works its magic!