Benefits Of Eggs For Gout Patients

Vitamin C And Gout
Vitamin C And Gout
Gout Diet
Gout Diet

Eggs are safe for people with gout. In a 2015 literature review, researchers examined data from a study to see how different protein sources impacted flare-ups in gout sufferers. Gout risk was not linked to the use of foods such as eggs, grain products, nuts and seeds, and so on, according to the study.

Gout is inflammatory arthritis that attacks the joints. It is a painful condition. It’s caused by an overabundance of uric acid, which can result from either excessive synthesis or impaired removal of the molecule. When your body has too much uric acid, either because you’re making too much or because you can’t get rid of it fast enough, it might develop crystals in your joints. Gout is the outcome.

Gout Diet

The levels of uric acid in your body may increase due to the breakdown of purines in your body. There are several purine-rich foods that you consume daily. Seafood and organ meats are very high in purines and you should limit their consumption to avoid gout or prevent gout flare-ups. Recent studies show that eating eggs can help people who are suffering from gout.

Since eggs are very low in purine and have a good amount of protein, they should be included in your gout diet. One large egg contains 7.03 g of protein, 0.4 g of carbohydrate, 5.33 g of fat, etc. In addition to protein and fats, eggs also contain other minerals, like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, etc.

How To Eat When You Have Gout?

As a meal or snack, boil eggs and eat them whole. Serve scrambled eggs on whole-wheat bread.

Poach eggs in vinegar-infused water. This aids in the creation of a poached egg that may be consumed on its own or on an English muffin.

Lightly fry the egg in non-fat butter or olive oil. You may either eat the egg plain or use it to make an egg sandwich.

Using the egg, make an omelet. In the omelet, combine vegetables with low-fat cheese. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all options.

Final Thoughts

Even though consuming eggs or other foods that are low in purines can help with gout flare-ups, you still need certain medications for ensuring a successful gout treatment. There are several medications that your doctor prescribes to help lower uric acid levels in your body.