Can Cherry Juice Aid You In Treating Gout?

Gout Treatment
Gout Treatment
Gout Treatment
Gout Treatment

Cherry juice can reduce uric acid’s level in the human body, thereby treating gouty arthritis flare-ups. Uric acid accumulation contributes to gout, so this juice could either keep gout attacks/flare-ups from happening or treat these issues. So, you may drink it when experiencing a gout attack and wondering how to treat gout. Now, let us look at some studies to find out what these pieces of research say about the gouty arthritis treatment possibility with the juice.

Studies On The Juice And Gouty Arthritis

As per a study from 2011, 100% sour cherry juice considerably lowered the gout-inducing substance levels in those who consumed around 240 milliliters of it for 30 consecutive days.

Besides the beverage, cherry juice extract is also potentially beneficial for gouty arthritis patients.

A pilot study from 2012 discovered that the extract reduced the acidic substance’s levels in the human body. A part of this study found the extract more effective in reducing the acid levels as compared to pomegranate concentrate. A retrospective part of it discovered that the extract mitigated gout attacks considerably when the participants drank it for 4 or more months.

How Much Cherry Juice Do You Have To Consume?

The studies may indicate that the juice can help users to cope with gouty arthritis, but a standard dose of it is still unknown. The quantity of the juice to consume will vary by how intense your gouty arthritis symptoms are.

The US-based Arthritis Foundation recommends consuming one glass of sour cherry juice daily, as the available studies found improvements in individuals who did so.

Anyhow, you should consult a doctor regarding whether or not to pursue any specific gout treatment. This is because the professional is more likely to be capable of giving more specific guidelines about dose.

Which Are The Possible Side Effects?

Are you allergic to cherry fruits? If the answer to it is no, then you possibly would not experience any negative secondary effect of the fruit juice. Anyhow, you must never consume any food item too much, and the same goes for the juice. Why? Because drinking an excessive amount of this juice is likely to cause diarrhea.

Now, you might be wondering what that excessive quantity of it is. It may vary from one person to another. A glass daily is perhaps enough to help you with controlling gout with no side effects.