Symptoms You Should Not Ignore With Gouty Arthritis

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Gout Medications
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Gout Symptoms

Gouty arthritis affects around 8 million people in the US and is more common than other inflammatory arthritis types. Gout attacks happen as uric acid accumulates and develops crystals in our joints. Some gout symptoms can signal complications that require a doctor’s assessment.

Hard Bumps Below The Skin

The word tophi refer to uric acid crystal clumps that harden below your skin. Tophi can develop on your hands, fingers, ankles, feet, or elsewhere as well as harm joints and the tissue around the joints if not treated in time. If tophi are big enough, these could burst through your skin. The clumps of the acidic crystals may also be subject to infection, which a doctor can usually treat with antibacterials. If required, tophi could be removed through surgery.

Pain While Urinating

Gout disease causes a particular kidney stone type when the crystals develop small and hard objects in your kidneys. When the stone gets stuck in your ureter as the body attempts to pass the stone, it could keep you from discharging urine, which is potentially painful. The stones can contribute to blood entering the urine as well. If you notice a brown or red tint in the liquid waste, it is perhaps a kidney stone associated with gouty arthritis.

High Fever

Unwellness and mild fever may accompany a gouty arthritis attack. In a severe case of gouty arthritis, however, the fever is possibly associated with joint infection and erosion. Do you have a body temperature of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit during an attack of gout? Does your joint feel inflamed and hot at that time? If so, contact a doctor right away. You should treat the joint infection fast to keep it from advancing to other parts of the body.

Sleepiness In The Daytime

Sleep apnea patients stop breathing for a while occasionally during sleep. Breathing cessations can reduce the oxygen level in your blood, raising the levels of the gout-inducing acid. That can make a sleep apnea patient prone to gouty arthritis. When you have tiredness and cannot focus in the daytime, see a medical professional. Apnea is also associated with cardiovascular issues and hypertension, so you should address the issue.

Neck Or Back Pain

When you have inexplicable neck/back pain or numbness/tingling in your leg or arm, you probably have spinal gouty arthritis. It can contribute to damaged vertebrae and pinched nerves. If you have a history of gout attacks elsewhere and have back pain, speak to a doctor.