Things You Are Probably Unaware Of About Gout

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Gout Treatment
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Gout Diet

A buildup of uric acid causes gout, which is a broad name for a number of disorders. The feet are commonly affected by this accumulation. If you have gout, you’ll notice swelling and pain in your foot’s joints, especially your big toe. Gout episodes, which cause sudden and extreme pain, can make your foot feel like it’s on fire.

Gout, if left untreated, can progress to gouty arthritis, a more severe form of arthritis. This painful illness can permanently damage and swell your joint. Your doctor’s gout treatment approach will be determined by the stage and severity of the condition.

Let’s take a look at some of the things about gout you probably didn’t know.

Teetotalers Can Get Gout

While it’s dangerous to assume that somebody with gout drinks excessively and eats poorly, it’s true that nutrition can play a key role in the progression of this disease. Certain meals are known to contain a higher amount of purines, which can lead to increased amounts of uric acid in the body. Meat, entire grains, mushrooms, dried peas and beans, and even some vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, and asparagus are among these items, proving that it’s not just fatty foods that can make you gouty, but also many foods you’d consider healthy.

Gout Is A Form Of Arthritis

Gout is an inflammatory disease that is caused by the kidneys’ failure to remove uric acid. Purine is a substance found in all of our cells that is transformed to uric acid during the digestion of food and old cells and delivered to the bloodstream as the salt ‘urate.’ Gout is caused by a person’s inability to pass enough urate through their urine. The accumulation of uric acid in the blood causes crystals to develop all over the body.

Coffee Lowers Gout Risk

While there is still a link between gout and alcohol, it’s worth noting that alcohol isn’t the only beverage that can affect your chances of contracting the condition. Coffee, on the other hand, has been shown to have a beneficial effect, unlike alcohol. In a 12-year research of approximately 46,000 men, it was discovered that consuming four to five cups of coffee per day reduced their risk of gout by 40% compared to not drinking it at all. The association is considered to be caused by chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant contained in coffee, which helps to reduce uric acid levels in the body. Therefore, consider adding coffee to your gout diet.