Debunking More Myths About Gouty Arthritis

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To help clear some misconceptions about gouty arthritis, the American Kidney Fund made a campaign that looks to educate patients about the condition to help make their lives easier. It is a fact that gout disease can disrupt several aspects of living, including leisure, work and family activities. Unfortunately, there are numerous myths doing the rounds about gouty arthritis, some of which we have covered in an earlier post. Here, we will discuss some more of those myths concerning gout.

Gouty Arthritis Is Rare

It is among the most common forms of arthritis in the United States of America. Over 8 million people in the nation have gouty arthritis, which is a more common arthritis type in men aged above 40 years.

Only Obese People Develop Gouty Arthritis

A person of any size can get gout. It is just that obese people are more in danger of developing the condition. It is more prevalent in individuals with other health issues such as diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol and hypertension. Males aged 30 to 50 years, Black people, Pacific Islanders, people with lead exposure, people who have undergone organ transplants, and Asians are the others more in danger of experiencing gout.

It Is A Rich Man’s Disease

People propagate this misconception since they feel that foods that cause gout, such as wine, fish and meat, are affordable to only rich people. This comes on top of the misconception that associates gout with only men. A person of any gender can develop gouty arthritis; it is just that men have it more commonly than women. The possibility of men developing it is tenfold more than women. That said, the rate of gouty arthritis even outpost 60 years of age as it often develops in women following menopause.

There Are Products You Can Consume For Gout Prevention Or As Gout Cure

While some food items may aid in reducing the gout-inducing uric acid level in the body, food alone is no cure for gouty arthritis. Medicine may be essential for gout patients who are on healthy diets to not only reduce the levels of the acid but also prevent gout flare-ups. It is a must for people who are likely to develop gouty arthritis to avoid alcohol and purine-rich food items.

If you feel that you have gout, speak to a specialist or doctor regarding your symptoms.