The Best Home Remedies for Gout

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Gout Home Remedies

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis which causes discomfort and pain mostly in the ankles, knees, and toes. As no ways of cure is been found out for arthritis, a combination of medications along with some home remedies can help in the temporary diminution of gout. 

Here are some most effective home remedies for gout. 

Drink a Lot of Water 

A person suffering from gout can experience significant inflammation and swelling. Drinking plenty of water can help reduce swelling which is caused by gout. Increasing the fluid consumption can help a person’s kidney in releasing excess fluid which can, in turn, reduce the swelling in a person. Water and other fluids like herbal teas and broths are good choices for consumption for people with gout. It is very important to keep in mind to never consume alcohol and drinks which are highly acidic.

But, any person having kidney diseases or congestive heart failure should discuss with their doctor before increasing the fluid intake. 

Apply Ice to the Affected Joints

Applying cloth-covered ice packs to the affected joints can help to reduce the inflammation caused by gout. Apply the ice-packs for at least fifteen minutes at a time for better relief. Using ice-packs using frozen packs can also be used for joints as this can drape easily over the person’s feet.

Reduce Stress

High stress can worsen the symptoms of gout. Following a few tips can help to reduce stress to a large extent.

Always consider doing some exercise like brief walking if the pain doesn’t affect your movement.

Take some time off from work to avoid pressure if the symptoms are affecting you.

Try to engage in habits that can help to relax you like reading, listening to music, meditation, etc. 

Make it a point to ensure that you are getting enough rest after work.

Elevate the Affected Joints

As gout causes swelling and pain in the major body parts like knees, hands and ankles, elevating the affected joints can help to reduce the pain. This helps the blood and fluid to move away from the joints back towards the heart. The use of ice packs along with elevation can reduce the pain to a great extent. 

Increase the Intake of Fish

The anti-inflammatory compounds that are found in fishes help in enhancing the overall health of the people affected by gout. Many kinds of research have found that the intake of certain fishes helps in the reduction of uric acid levels. Many major studies have shown that tuna extracts helps in the reduction of the serum uric acid levels of the patients. 

Take Over-the-Counter (OTC) Pain Relievers

OTC anti-inflammatory medications including Advil and Aleve are widely chosen options for the treatment of discomforts and pain caused due to gout. However, these medications are not made from natural sources. 

Always keep in mind to not take the medications more than the dose that is recommended by your doctor and make sure the medications does not interfere with other medicines you are taking. Incase if the OTC medications do not help you, discuss with your doctor about taking stronger medicines. 

Drink More Coffee

The reviews and analysis in the year 2016 have shown that the people who drank coffee are less likely to experience gout. It is believed that this may be because the uric acid levels can be decreased with the consumption of coffee.

Eat High Amount of Cherries 

Certain research studies published in a few top journals have stated that the increase in cherry intake over a period of two days decreased the risk of gout attacks in patients diagnosed with gout by 35 percent. Cherries contain anti-inflammatory compounds like anthocyanins. Researchers have found that there were a lot of benefits for increasing the symptoms of gout with the consumption of whole cherries, cherry juices, or cherry supplements. They have also discovered that there is a risk reduction for gout attacks by 75 percent for people who consumed cherries in addition to the medications for gout. Cherry juices and cherries are widely available in supermarkets; cherry supplements can be got from food stores as well as online stores.

Consume Lemon Water

Adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to two liters of water and consuming it every day can reduce the uric acid levels in gout patients. Researchers state that the intake of lemon juice helps in the neutralization of uric acid in the patient’s body, thereby helping to reduce its levels. 

Limit the Intake of Alcohol

The Arthritis Foundation says that the consumption of more than two liquor drinks has the chance to increase the risk for gout in a person. Avoiding beer, which is high in purines, can help people with gout. 

Avoid the Intake of High-purine Meats 

Avoid the intake of meats like bacon, turkey, venison, mussels, etc. that contain high levels of purine as it can help in reducing the symptoms of gout in a person.