What You Should Know About Chicken And Gouty Arthritis

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Gout stems from uric acid build-up in the human body, which contributes to urate crystal formation in the joints. Uric acid forms from purines, chemicals in several food items. Research indicates that too much purine consumption drives up the levels of the acid and causes gout. It is a potentially painful and debilitating condition. Here, we will also discuss whether it pays to add chicken to your gout diet or not.

Is Chicken Nutritionally Valuable?

In its unseasoned form, chicken is low in sodium, high in protein as well as free of starch and sugar. It has plenty of nutrients that the body requires for healthy metabolism, including B vitamins, phosphorous, selenium, and antioxidants.

Poultry, especially skinless and boneless chicken breast, is among the go-to protein sources for people who seek to not only eat healthier but also reduce weight and their possibility of disease. People with gouty arthritis should maintain their weight as part of their lifestyle. The obesity pandemic is attributed to an increased commonness of gout.

The American Heart Association suggests choosing poultry without skin, alongside fish, and preparing those products healthily. It means avoiding added trans fat and saturated fat.

As per the AHA, nutrient-dense food items such as chicken may aid you in controlling your body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Now, is it safe to have chicken for a person with gouty arthritis? It hinges on the form of chicken cut and the level of purine in it.

Gout-Friendly Chicken Cuts

Chicken thighs, breasts and wings have different nutritional values. The level of purines in different chicken parts varies too. When you have gouty arthritis and hyperuricemia, you should think about the forms and quantities of purines that you ingest. Hypoxanthine is an important purine type to keep an eye on.

Chicken is a food item with moderate levels of purine, but the quantities range between low and extremely high in specific chicken cuts. It pays to avoid organ meat rich in purines such as the chicken liver. Eat only moderate quantities of chicken cuts with moderate purine levels. When you think about the specific foods to avoid with gout, keep in mind that high-purine food items contain 150 to 1000 milligrams of purine.

Be cautious of food items high in hypoxanthine and adenine as research suggests that those have a considerable association with gouty arthritis.