Can Gout Lead To Complications?

Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms

Gout can become chronic if it is not treated properly. Apart from the common gout symptoms like pain and inflammation in the joints, you can experience a large number of complications if this condition becomes worse. Therefore, it is significant to get gout treatment to improve your symptoms and prevent different complications resulting from this condition.

There is a wide range of problems that can develop when your gout becomes severe. Some of them include:


This is a problem that is found to appear when gout is left untreated for a long time. The uric acid crystals that are responsible for the development of gout can accumulate under the skin thereby causing visible lumps across different parts of the body. Tophi usually form around the joints that are affected by gout.

Some of the common areas where gout tophi are found to develop include fingers and hands, ears, elbows, feet and toes, and ankles. Tophi is a sign that your gout has become worse. Therefore, if you find this symptom, make sure to take proper treatment to prevent further complications.

Even though tophi are not usually painful, over time, they can lead to joint erosion and deformity. Also, if tophi are infected or presses on a nerve, it can become painful and dangerous.

Permanent Joint Damage

The persistent and chronic inflammation resulting from gout can lead to joint damage and deformity. Therefore, it is important to control the inflammation and swelling caused by gout to prevent damage to your joints. You have to take medications that can control the levels of uric acid in the blood. Additionally, anti-inflammatory drugs can also be prescribed by the doctor to reduce inflammation and swelling caused by this condition.

You can also use natural remedies like hot packs and cold therapy to control the inflammation present in the joints.

Kidney Damage

The crystals of uric acid can accumulate in your kidneys thereby leading to the formation of kidney stones. This condition can be extremely painful and might lead to a large number of other issues. Also, chronic gout can even increase the risk of kidney failure.

Eye Problems

In some rare circumstances, gout can lead to eye problems. These problems are caused when the uric acid crystals affect different parts of the eye including the cornea, eyelid, and iris.

So if you are suffering from this condition, it is important for you to take proper gout treatment so that you can prevent the development of these complications. Additionally, make sure to follow healthy living habits to ensure that your gout is not becoming worse.