How Do I Know Whether I Have Gout?

Gout Treatment
Gout Treatment
Symptoms Of Gout
Symptoms Of Gout

Gout is a common yet complex form of arthritis that can strike anyone. There are a couple of tell-tale signs that tell you whether you will be susceptible to gout conditions. You will know from the unmistakably sudden and severe attack of pain that originates at the joints; mostly the ankles and foot. You will see inflammation and reddening of the area around the joint, making the skin all the more tender and painful.

The fact that it can be “sudden” is an understatement. You may be blissfully sleeping in the comfort of your own bed when the pain strikes out of nowhere putting you in a world of pain. Forget about the coffee, you will be wide awake after this!

What puts you at risk can be linked to a host of things such as your genetics, the diet and food you take in, your physical fitness, and so on.

The Symptoms

The signs that you have gout are almost all the same, and will include:

  • Intense Pain In The Joints: as mentioned earlier, the effect is mostly at the ankle or at the base of the big toe. Other less frequent places include the wrists, knees, elbows, and rarely the shoulders. The pain will be it’s unbearable at the first 4 to 8 hours of its beginning.
  • Discomfort: even after the pain has passed there will be discomfort and loss of mobility in the joints even days or even a week after the attack. The more the severity of the attack, the more prolonged will be the discomfort you will have to endure.
  • Redness And Inflammation: There is much inflammation and reddening at the joints, and the joints become tender and warm to touch.

When To Visit The Doc?

The minute you begin to experience the range of pain and the symptoms of gout mentioned earlier, it is time to visit a doctor. Do not wait for the pain to worsen, and especially take immediate action if you feel yourself catching a fever and the joint becoming unusually inflamed and reddened. This could be a sign of an infection that will need quick action; if allowed to fester will result in gangrene and possibly fatal to life itself.

With the right help, strict diet control, and proper exercise, you can reclaim the quality of life you have lost.