Treat Your Gout Symptoms With Turmeric

Gout Attacks In Hands
Gout Attacks In Hands
Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms

When the levels of uric acid in your body increase, they can turn into uric acid crystals and get accumulated in your joints. This will lead to severe pain, swelling, and inflammation in the joints. There are several home remedies that could help in reducing gout symptoms effectively.

According to some recent studies, turmeric can also be used for gout treatment. Turmeric is a yellow spice, which is common in many Indian dishes. It was found that turmeric contains several compounds that could help in reducing inflammation in your body.

In this article, we will take a look at how turmeric can help in managing gout.

How Does Turmeric Help In Gout Management?

Turmeric is being used for thousands of years for treating many inflammatory disorders, including gout. Studies have shown that turmeric contains a chemical compound called curcumin that has anti-inflammatory properties. One study conducted in 2019 showed that curcumin has the ability to suppress nuclear factor-kappa B, a protein that plays an important role in inflammatory conditions.

Another study conducted in 2013 also noted the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin. During the study, people with gout were given Flexofytol, purified gout extract. After taking the extract, all the participants felt relief from gout symptoms.

We have already discussed how curcumin helps in reducing inflammation. one study conducted in 2018 has found that suppressing inflammation is very effective in alleviating the pain associated with gout. During the study, people with osteoarthritis were given curcumin extract for three months. After the study period, all participants reported a significant reduction in joint pain.

Some of the recent studies have shown that turmeric has antioxidant properties that can help in preventing the cell damage caused by free radical molecules. Free radicals can result in oxidative stress, which will contribute to inflammation. Therefore, taking turmeric can help in reducing oxidative stress and thereby reduces inflammation. The antioxidant properties of turmeric come from flavonoids, polyphenols, and ascorbic acid present in turmeric.

How To Use Turmeric For Gout Treatment?

One of the easiest ways to use turmeric to treat gout is by adding it to your foods and drinks. Turmeric is an important ingredient in many Indian dishes. Recently, many people started using topical cream infused with turmeric for treating gout. You can also get turmeric supplements in the form of extracts, capsules, gummies, etc.