Gout is a kind of arthritis that occurs due to uric acid’s accumulation. It develops in certain individuals with hyperuricemia, a condition characterized by high uric acid levels. Some individuals’ bodies produce the substance to an excessive degree as they have beverages and food items which cause it to accumulate. When the acid’s amounts are high, certain crystals can be formed that in turn cause gout attacks. However, painful gout is not developed in every person with excessive uric acid.

Gout brings about sudden and acute joint pain in people, which tends to start in their big toe. Still, other joints, plus areas surrounding these structures, like the knee, foot and angle can be negatively affected. Men are thrice likelier than ladies to develop this medical condition. It often affects them after the age of 40 years, and women post menopause.

On this website, we offer helpful information about gout symptoms, tips on how to manage gout, and treatment options for this condition. It is easy to confuse symptoms of gout with those of a different form of arthritis known as pyrophosphate deposition. That is why we are building such a comprehensive website with details about the symptoms of gout – to help gain your knowledge.