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Psoriasis Patients Shown To Be At Greater Gout Risk

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Gout Disease Psoriasis patients from Taiwan were shown to be in greater danger of developing gouty arthritis, and the use of NSAIDs reduced it. This means that those who do not take NSAIDs may be more in danger of experiencing gout disease. The findings of the study are featured in the journal Clinical Epidemiology. Besides the dermatology-related psoriasis implications, recent research...

What Is The Link Between Gout And Diabetes?

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Gout Treatment Despite the fact that gout and type 2 diabetes are two distinct diseases, researchers have discovered a relationship between them. Gout is a type of arthritis that occurs when uric acid crystals accumulate in your joints as a normal result of your metabolism. Diabetes, on the other hand, occurs when blood sugar levels are abnormally high. Gout and...

Debate About Gout Treatment Intensifies As Cases Increase

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Gout Treatment Gout is becoming more prevalent internationally at a worrying rate, even as gout treatment stays as mismanaged as in the past. As per James O’Dell of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the quick growth of gout prevalence has encouraged an international gout epidemic. O’Dell was speaking to the people who attended the 2021 ACR Convergence annual meeting. In...