Five Best Essential Oils To Help Treat Gout

Gout Diet
Gout Diet
Essential Oils For Gout
Essential Oils For Gout

Essential oils complement gout treatment for some individuals. People inhale the essence in these oils in aromatherapy. Health experts advise people to not take most of the essential oils for gout orally. Instead, it is possible to dilute the product in a base oil and then apply it on the skin. Some of the commonly used essential oils in gout treatment are listed below.

Celery Seed Oil

Research indicates that this essential oil can help to make gout drugs such as corticosteroids and NSAIDs more effective. You have to dilute it by blending it with jojoba oil, coconut, or almond oil so that it can be applied on the skin where you have pain. The oil can improve the inflammation-reducing effects of the two types of drugs used in gout treatment. It too can aid in alleviating the secondary effects of steroids that affect the gastrointestinal system.

Ginger Extract

It is possible to use ginger in the form of an alternative medical treatment too. Researchers say that it has anti-gout, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant effects. Ginger extract could just lower the level of uric acid and thereby, keep gout flares from happening in the future.

You may mix ginger extract that comes as a liquid with tea, or swallow the one available in the form of powder in capsules.

Lemongrass Oil

There is a light, pleasant aroma to lemongrass, so it is usually utilized in shampoos and moisturizers. Research indicates that this essential oil can lower the gout-inducing acid level. People have been using lemongrass tea in nonprofessional medicine practices based on conventional beliefs for decades. Research indicates that the product has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. You can easily make it at home by brewing to have the anti-gout effects of it by taking the oil made from lemongrass stems or stalks.

Yarrow Oil Extract

People have been using yarrow for countless years to deal with wounds, digestion issues, and arthritis. They extract yarrow oil from the plant named ‘achillea millefolium’. Recent studies show that using the oil-based extract topically could just considerably lessen inflammation. For this effect, just blend it with the oil derived from olives and then apply the mixture on the skin above the problem joint.

Cassia Oil

This particular essential oil is generally utilized to deal with gut pain and ailments like that come with inflammation. Recent studies back the application of cassia oil for inflammation treatment. A study administered the product to mice, and it had a considerable reduction in the levels of uric acid. This indicates that cassia oil could just keep gout attacks from happening.