Symptoms of Gout on Toe

Symptoms Of Gout
Symptoms Of Gout
Symptoms Of Gout In Toe
Symptoms Of Gout In Toe

A gout is a form of arthritis that is commonly seen in many people. It can occur in almost all the joints of the body. Even the joints of the toe can get affected by gout. This condition occurs when uric acid is deposited and crystallized on the joints. Gout is a type of inflammatory disease. 

Normally, the uric acid that is obtained from the food a person eats, or which are produced within the body, will get filtered out from the blood, by the kidneys, and it will get expelled out of the body through urine. But, sometimes, the kidney will fail to excrete the uric acid completely from the body. This will lead to uric acid deposition in the joints; and this condition is known as gout. The common symptoms of gout are as follows.

Severe Joint Pain

Normally gout affects the largest joint of the big toe. Even though it can occur in any joints like ankles, knees, elbows, and fingers, gout in the toe is more common among the people. The pain from gout will be more intense during the first 4 hours or 12 hours after it begins, and then it can become a little mild.

Lingering Discomfort

After the severe pain, the patient will feel very uncomfortable in the affected area. Usually people having gout will get relief from this discomfort within a few days, but it may take a few weeks for some people to recover from the suffering. Eventually, the frequency of gout attacks will be increased, and its effects will take a longer time to go if not treated properly.    

Inflammation and Stiffness

When the uric acid gets deposited in a joint, it will create inflammation. This will lead to the formation of a swollen, tender toe. Those joints that are affected by gout will also exhibit redness due to inflammation. When the condition progresses, it will restrict free movement of the joints.

Gout attacks can happen suddenly, without any notice. During a gout attack, a person will experience an intense pain and a burning sensation in their joints. Therefore, if someone is experiencing inflammation and pain on their toe, it is better to seek immediate medical attention.